How much you take home from $75K income based on where you live

*Editor’s note: the amount shown per paycheck is actually the amount for a bi-monthly paycheck. We apologize and regret the error.*

$75,000 a year looks very different depending on where you live. Some states like Texas and Washington don’t have state income taxes. So on average, you could see a bigger paycheck.

We decided to crunch the numbers. Here’s what $75,000 looks like after paying taxes in 11 major US cities:

New York City, NY – $49,896
Washington, DC – $51,696
Los Angeles, CA – $51,960
San Francisco, CA – $51,960
Boson, MA – $52,824
Denver, CO – $53,184
Chicago, IL – $53,592
Seattle, WA – $56,328
Nashville, TN – $56,328
Miami, FL – $56,328
Dallas, TX – $56,328

These numbers don’t factor in health insurance and retirement accounts like a 401(K). But judging by the average $75K salary you may be a lot happier in Dallas than in NYC.


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